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Surrealism & Surrealist artists

Welcome to the modern art/contemporary art movement of Surrealism. This article is written to try and help you get an idea of how the modern art/contemporary art movement of Surrealism began and to outline what it was about. Surrealism was just one of the modern art movements to dominate the 20th centaury. From reading these articles you will be able to see how one contemporary art movement effected another contemporary art movement. You will be able to see how certain modern art movements were particularly influential in the creation and inspiration of another contemporary art/modern art movement. We have seen Expressionism, Futurism, Impressionism, minimalist, Op Art, Post impressionism, Fauvism, and other Abstract art movements. Now it is time to look at the modern art/contemporary art movement of Surrealism. Please enjoy the article:
Surrealism & surrealist artists
Surrealist movie

The modern art/contemporary art movement, 'Surrealism' was formed in the mid 1920s. Surrealism has been described as a way of expressing the true function of thought, defying all logic and lies outside any normal or moral interpretations of life.

For instance the interpretation of life itself as seen in Salvador Dali's paintings is that of the unknown. This can only be described as a vivid imagination and defying all logic as we know it. 'I think I am, in what I create, a rather mediocre painter. What I regard as brilliant is my vision, not what I actually create.' Salvador Dali.

In the 1920s a painting by Max Ernst featured the 'Surrealist Group' it included artists such as Breton, Brassai, Baargeld and Ernst himself. Together the group discussed politics, community affairs, and social problems. Many feel as though the groups feelings towards life was the core of the Surrealism art movement. Each member expressed their individual thoughts on life through their art denying any assumption that we have to cover up any irrational thinking or any visions with something that was morally excepted or adhered.

Surrealism is not only applied to paintings it is also expressed through imagery. Brassai, an artist who joined the Surrealist modern art/contemporary art movement later in the 1930s was famous for his photographs and object manipulation. He created an image as produced by Automatic Writing. It featured what looked like tissue under a microscope or the top of a tree that had been lit up, it was a way of capturing the uncontrollable. Brasssai brought into Surrealism the ability for us to see happenings that ordinarily would pass us by. He captured life as he saw it and displayed it.

Surrealism is widely enjoyed. It has a sense of playfulness and spontaneity that brings fantasy and mystery into art pieces. The most fascinating aspect is that there are so many questions and ideas that surround Surrealism making it a hugely inspiring modern art/contemporary art movement. This is also why it is such a popular modern art/contemporary art movement.

The pioneers and main participants of surrealism were as follows: Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Jacques Vache, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Peret, Rene Crevel, Jacques Baron, Piere Naville, Roger Vitrae, Man ray, Hans Arp, Georges Malkine, Antonin Artaud, Andre Masson and Joan Miro

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