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James Hawkins - Chronicles of the Straight Line Ramblers Club

22nd March 2009

James Hawkins will be exhibiting new paintings at the SW1 Gallery during the first week in May. This is his first major exhibition in London for six years; several of his short videos exploring abstract details of nature will also be shown.

Catch by the eye save in the heart

The exhibition will feature Hawkins’ work based on the wild and beautiful landscape of the Northwest coast of Scotland with a special emphasis on Knoydart. It is 10 years since the formation of the Knoydart Foundation and their Community buyout; the exhibition, part of which will later travel to the Knoydart peninsular, features in the Foundation’s yearlong festivities.

The John Muir Trust who helped finance the Knoydart project and work to protect wilderness areas in Scotland are also supporting the exhibition with a talk by their outgoing Chief Executive. The intention is to celebrate these remote places and to raise awareness of their need for protection and sustainable management.

Hawkins, “Today, in a world threatened by climate change, unspoiled wilderness seems to be of more importance than ever, we must guard and cherish these shrinking places. We have always been controlled by Nature, now we think that we can control it. John Muir; whose writings I have discovered during the research for this exhibition, felt that we all need the experience of wilderness. Muir writes, ‘Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike’ ” .

“The Straight Line Ramblers Club was first conceived when we were teenagers walking our parents’ dogs around the Oxfordshire countryside, membership was flexible, anyone could join and of course the one thing we didn’t do was walk in a straight line. Many of us have kept in touch and when we meet up that spirit of adventure still prevails, there aren’t any rules but if there were, they would be that spontaneity is all, planned routes exist to be changed on a whim and that it’s very important to see what’s around the next corner or over the next hill.”

The Chronicles exhibition features condensed visual experiences from these walks that capture the essence of each particular day and the landscape travelled. “These paintings are not a frozen moment but a synthesis of the many aspects of the journey – drifting clouds and light that momentarily confuse distance and space … the changing scale that makes a tree no bigger than a flower … a path winding toward a distant summit like an assault on Everest.”

Exhibition runs from 4th – 9th May 2009

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Sinta Tantra - Real Phoney at Monika Bobinska

Sinta Tantra, best known for her site-specific murals and installations in the public realm, Tantra will turn the white cube of the gallery inside out... 31st March 2009

The Valley of Unrest at Redchurch Street gallery

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” Edgar Allen Poe (1831). Naomi Doran’s sculptural paintings incorporate solidified liquid concrete with corroded steel, set in wood. Doran encourages the processes of oxidation and corrosion and succeeds in creating “living art”... 30th March 2009

Nina Murdoch - In the Dark at the Fine Art Society

In the Dark is the first solo show of work by artist Nina Murdoch since she won the Threadneedle Prize, the UK’s largest art prize in September last year. 2,700 works by 1,600 artists were submitted for the Threadneedle prize in 2008... 30th March 2009

Interview with Jill Tegan Doherty

Jill Tegan Doherty is an artist who has grasped, with both hands, the idea of Altermodernism (modernism for the 21st century). With her use of Surrealism and insight into the subconscious Jill's paintings are somewhat special. Lets get to know Jill Tegan Doherty a bit better... 26th March 2009

James Hawkins - Chronicles of the Straight Line Ramblers Club

James Hawkins will be exhibiting new paintings at the SW1 Gallery during the first week in May. This is his first major exhibition in London for six years; several of his short videos exploring abstract details of nature will also be shown... 22nd March 2009

Altermodernism a new movement - Jill Teagan Doherty

Curated by assistant curator Chris King and Gallery Director Lloyd Gill. This Exhibition will distinguish a responce towards the new Tate Triennial show 'Altermodernism'. The Tate curator Nicolas Bourriaud attempts to suggest a new movement through connecting... 16th March 2009

Cecil Beaton - 20th century Icons – Chris Beetles Gallery & Sotheby's

The exhibition is the first time for many years that these prints will be on view and available to buy. By drawing extensively on Sotheby’s archive of Beaton material, the exhibition of around 70 prints will form the most comprehensive Beaton... 16th March 2009

Laura Letinsky: Likeness at James Hyman Gallery

James Hyman Gallery is pleased to announce a major London exhibition of recent photographs by US based artist Laura Letinsky, opening 30 April to 30 May, 2009... 12th March 2009

Catch by the eye save in the heart - Covent Garden

After a few successful exhibitions at Eaton Terrace Gallery it is a time to start preparing ourselves for "Catch2009"... 12th March 2009

Andy Stewart - Abstract Climates at Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

A significant source of inspiration for this new series of paintings is T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’. The poem, rich in literary metaphor, is a visionary reaction to the desolation of the First World War, but with a resolute belief in hope and renewal... 12th March 2009

Rut Blees Luxemburg – Orificity

Union Gallery presents Orificity, a new body of work by London-based artist Rut Blees Luxemburg... 12th March 2009

Jonathan Briggs at Francis Kyle Gallery London

For his fifth one-man exhibition with Francis Kyle Gallery, Jonathan Briggs (b.1956), the Yorkshire painter perhaps best known for his virtuoso handling of clouds, has returned to certain landscapes in southern England – the South Downs of Sussex and the coasts of Devon and Cornwall – which he cherishes as ideal material through which to explore the emotional experience of sky, space and light... 9th March 2009

Welcome to the Real World - Short Stories by Dominik Klimowski

A heavily pregnant woman enters a lift, a man swims into the ocean in the middle of the night, another man wakes up on the pavement in Soho Square and a little girl decides to enter a dark forest on her own... 9th March 2009

Catlin Art Prize Shortlist – mikel Alacoque, William Bradley, Sarah Lederman

Now in its third year, The Catlin Art Prize is an annual event showcasing the very best art school graduates one year on from their degree exhibitions... 9th March 2009

Interview with artist Richard Ansett conducted by

Richard Ansett is a photographer who is gaining much acclaim in the international art scene. He has artwork on display at the National Portrait Gallery and has displayed at many high profile exhibitions. Lets get to know Richard Ansett a bit better... 5th March 2009

Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields market London

Alternative Arts presents East London’s major fashion event – Alternative Fashion Week. From April 20 to 24 Spitalfields will play host to the most original and creative collections by a fresh crop of new designers with truly innovative ideas... 3rd March 2009

Oriental Ceramic Society

This is the third in the series of exhibitions of ceramics, from the collections of members of the Oriental Ceramic Society, which have approached the subject of Asian ceramics from the point of view of their decorative techniques... 2nd March 2009

Cathy Ward and Eric Wright at Aspex Gallery

The visual languages of folklore and popular cultural iconography are explored in a new exhibition by artists Cathy Ward and Eric Wright, the North American team who won Emergency3... 2nd March 2009

Karol Radziszewski at Monika Bobinska gallery

In Radziszewski's film 'Painters', the artist's camera languidly follows a group of young men renovating the exterior of a communist-era housing estate. The artist's gaze is homoerotic and voyeuristic, but he also points to the ironies of the heroic 'Polish worker' both of communist times and in his more recent incarnation on the building sites of western Europe... 2nd March 2009

Richard Ansett at Tenderpixel Gallery

The extreme emotions within us are manifest in a momentary glimpse of the lives of others. We are fascinated by examples of the extremities of others’ lives but this is merely an exploration of the limits of ourselves... 2nd March 2009

The Art of Common Space at Haring Woods

The Art of Common Space is an international arts programme which explores the question 'What is common space in our 21st century multi-cultural society?' through new commissions, seminars, exhibitions and events in Gunpowder Park and venues in the UK, Europe and the USA. Curated and produced by Haring Woods Associates... 26th February 2009

Guy Denning – Ad Nausea - Signal Gallery

Picture this – the end of a private view of a group show including the works of Guy Denning. A woman walks in to the gallery carrying too many Tesco’s shopping bags. ‘How can I buy the piece in the window?’ she asks... 26th February 2009

Jack Vettriano – Retrospective - Lovers, Strangers and Stories

Art Portfolio of Romsey celebrates the work of one of Britain’s most popular living artists, ‘The People’s Painter’, Jack Vettriano. The UK’s largest ever retrospective of Vettriano’s prints features an exceptional collection of five new signed limited editions taken from his latest series of paintings, three of which are based on a French Riviera theme. There will be many rare editions for sale including the hugely popular Along Came a Spider... 26th February 2009

Desiree Cox – Outside In -Air Gallery

I want my paintings to be portals to mythical realms, gateways to imaginary worlds beyond everyday reality. Seeing beyond the illusion of 'reality' is the first step to dreaming our own dreams, and speaking with our own authentic voice. When we dream our own dreams, and speak authentically, we bring light to the world and we inspire others to let their light shine... 26th February 2009

Susan Collins film at De La Warr Pavilion

A new body of work by British artist Susan Collins combining digital technologies with the classical traditions of English landscape painting, Seascape presents an extraordinary visual exploration into the natural cycles of tide, time and light... 23rd February 2009

Genevieve Dael at Francis Kyle Gallery

For her new exhibition, her eighth with Francis Kyle Gallery, the French painter Genevieve Dael (born Paris 1947) has chosen to focus exclusively on the paintings of interiors for which she has become so well know internationally. Illuminated by a soft light suggesting dawn or dusk, these rooms typically have just one or two occupants whose relationship is unclear but conveys a strong sense of expectation or reflection: an event is about to occur (or has just done so), this is a moment of stillness a calm in the storm... 23rd February 2009

Stanley Spencer and Swan Upping at Cookham

The River Thames played an important part in spencer's love affair with his native village of Cookham in Berkshire and this exhibtiion will feature one of his most famous paintings, 'Swan Upping at Cookham' on loan from Tate Britain... 23rd February 2009

Jake and Dinos Chapman - modern masters - Hell

When someone mentions that they are heading off to the Tate modern next weekend, I instantly think of the great masters, the likes of Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Mondrian. This got me thinking, “which living artists are currently worthy of such merit?” Ah, I know who... 23rd February 2009

Darwin's On the Origin of Species in digital format Google download

To mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, the University of Oxford, through the collaboration between the Bodleian Library and Google, has released the first edition of the scientist’s seminal work in digital format. Available for download here... 19th February 2009

Chris Gollon Take residency at Institute of Advanced Study (Being Human)

A Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), University of Durham, distinguished British artist Chris Gollon is working on a public commission of 15 paintings on the theme of 'Being Human', as part of a major international research project... 18th February 2009

Daiwa foundation art prize

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is delighted to announce a new and innovative art prize introducing British artists to Japan... 16th February 2009

Watch Video: Controversial Pakistan art exhibition recalling the pain of the partition

A controversial art exhibition in Pakistan which recalls the pain caused by the partition of India and Pakistan. The exhibition conjures up harrowing images of the pain and angst during and after the partition of the two countries... 9th February 2009

Watch Video: White Rainbow over the Table

A food fight in the name of art takes place in an ex chocolate factory in Moscow. The performance is titled 'White Rainbow over the Table'... 9th February 2009

Dinu Li - Family Village

Dinu Li has been co-commissioned by ArtSway and text+work, the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, to research and develop a new film entitled Family Village, the second in a trilogy of films which take their titles from the three most common ways to say the word 'country' in Chinese... 9th February 2009

Charlie Murphy - An Experiment in Kissing

Charlie Murphy invites visitors to “an Experiment in Kissing”, a free event on Thursday 12 February at the London Science Museum's Dana Centre. “an Experiment in Kissing” is Charlie Murphy's ongoing project to collect kisses and learn more about these unique expressions of desire... 9th February 2009

Gallery at 94 presents Vanity Unfair

Graffiti artist Maximillian Wiedemann's work explores the dependent relationship between pop culture, media and consumerism. This exhibit examines the perplexities of grand industry against the trials and behaviour of modern society. His sense of humour is perfect for our ambiguous times, with quotes such as 'Closer to God in Heels' and 'The better you look, the more you see'. Picking up the heels where the bourgeoisie stopped, Wiedemann has continued the quest into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He takes something iconic and turns it upside down... 9th February 2009

20|21 International Art Fair - Jean-Patrice Oulmont, AR Penck, Gay Hutson, Gitl Braun

The third 20|21 International Art Fair takes place at the Royal College of Art from 19 - 22 February 2009. It will be opened by Griff Rhys Jones at 12 noon on the 19th... 9th February 2009

Stephen Verona Exhibition at Tria Gallery

a unique exhibition of the art of Stephen Verona; including his paintings, life sized cut outs and unique photographs, including those selected from the... 2nd February 2009

Tony Heywood – Beauty spot at FAS London

Horticulture's answer to Damien Hirst? Beauty Spot, Tony Heywood's latest horticultural-based art installation, suggests that our experience of nature is becoming distant as is it increasingly mediated through television, film and magazines... 28th January 2009

Earliest Opera in English - Erismena acquired by the Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library has been able to save for the nation Erismena, the earliest surviving score of an opera in the English language. The acquisition has been made possible thanks to the generous... 21st January 2009

Laura Kikauka at Spacex

Spacex is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in the UK of Canadian artist Laura Kikauka. Kikauka has been exhibiting installation work, electro-mechanical sculpture, and performing since the early 1980s... 21st January 2009

Invisible cities - Katie Pratt and Roger Kelly

Invisible Cities is an exhibition curated by artists Katie Pratt and Roger Kelly. The works in the exhibition are by a mixture of nine established artists who... 9th January 2009

Peter Blake - The Venice Suite at Paul Stolper

Venice provides inspiration for a series of twenty brand new prints by the father of British Pop Art Peter Blake... 9th January 2009

Attitudes of Magnitude, paintings and linocuts by Carri Skoczek

Brooklyn, New York, Ch'i Contemporary Fine Art is proud to present  Attitudes of Magnitude, Carri Skoczek's second solo show at Ch'i... 9th January 2009

Kennington Kids arrives at City Hall - Dulwich Picture Gallery

Rough and raw, but it is, above all, brilliantly artistic. Any London commercial gallery would be foolish to turn down a chance of showing such talent... 9th January 2009

Keith Coventry: Copper and Silk at Paul Stolper Gallery

Paul Stolper presents Copper and Silk by Keith Coventry, one of the Young British Artists who exhibited at the Royal Academy's definitive Sensation exhibition... 7th January 2009

Dirty Little Pictures exhibition: John Stoddart

The second exhibition, separated by a staircase, which opens on the same night two hours later, is a revealing collection of photographic portraits taken of porn stars and the... 7th January 2009

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall becomes Patron of The Fan Museum

The Trustees of The Fan Museum Trust, Greenwich, are privileged to announce that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall has graciously accepted to be Patron of... 7th January 2009
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