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Interested in paintings, prints and artwork in general? Then Welcome to, This online art gallery is aimed to give the enthusiastic art lover not just a shop to buy and view art for sale on the internet but also to offer information about modern art movements, prints and anything art related.

We seriously believe in educating and supporting the art consumer as we feel it is important for people to be knowledgeable about the artwork they're buying. This is why we have an art movement section where you can learn about all the important traditional and modern art movements for 19th and 20th century art.

We cover modern art movements such as: conceptual art, abstract art, abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art, op art and other contemporary art movements. We also cover slightly more traditional art movements such as: Fauvism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Futurism, Post-impressionism and more.

We also have a buying art tips section which aims to give you the knowledge you need to know when buying art. Whether you decide to buy artwork from us or from a different gallery, you will be knowledgeable regarding the pitfalls associated when you buy wall art.

Hopefully once your visit with us ends you will be better equipped to know which art prints and canvas prints produce the best quality, know more about historical artists, and know different abstract artists and the style of their work.

So if you are a lover of traditional or contemporary art and you are looking to buy, we hope that the paintings, drawings and original artwork at will be the perfect match for you.

At, our aim is to open people's eyes to art. Here's a selection of our most popular Art-icles:

Op Art


The movement of Op Art started in 1964. A group of artists were demonstrating the relationship between seeing and understanding through painting artwork that consisted of optical illusions. The idea of this concept was to highlight the fact that the eye can trick the mind into seeing things that aren't there. If Art can trick the mind so can words and propaganda...



The modern art movement of Dadaism was in its prime from the period of 1916 to 1920. In 1916 Hugo ball (a German poet) was exiled and set up a cafe in Zurich called the Cabaret Voltaire. Bohemian artists, musicians and writers frequented the cafe creating an atmosphere that emphasized artistic freedom and creation! Dadaism was an art Movement which took the painting...

Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art

The movement of Conceptual Art was all about free thinking. The belief was that the power of art is behind the thinking not necessarily the finished article. This evolved into a way of thinking that emphasised the free thinking of art and to look everywhere and anywhere for ideas. In Conceptual art any idea is a good idea. The modern/contemporary art movement of Conceptual Art became large in the 60s

Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Art

Don't be fooled by fashionable Modern Art!

Buy modern art/contemporary art that you like. Although most galleries will sell similar modern art that is in fashion, not all do! So if you like abstract art and it isn't in fashion then buy abstract art. If you like abstract expressionist art then buy abstract expressionist art! Don't get caught in the modern art/contemporary art fashion trap! Don't get sucked in! Pick your modern art wisely! Read the rest of the story...

Abstract Art

Buying Modern Art paintings/Contemporary Art Online

Only buy wall art from online art galleries that provide a minimum of 7 days money back guarantee. This will insure that if the painting isn't what you expected, you can send it back and get your money back. However! You must make sure that you return the wall art, paintings or drawings in their original packaging and pay for postage. The painting must not be damaged...

Contemporary Art

Why people are buying modern art paintings as gifts

With the wide range of Modern Art paintings available these days and that a painting will look perfect with any interior means Modern Art paintings are the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Plus modern art still gives the 'WOW!' effect no matter whether its expressionist, Pop art or whatever kind of wall art, due to contemporary art's...



The Cubist art movement existed for approximately eighteen years. It represented a dramatic and new style of art and consisted of a need and want to change the meaning of art! The name for the modern art/ contemporary art movement of Cubism appeared when Henri Matisse described Braque's 'Houses at L'Estaque' (1908) as composed of cubes. The name Cubism was then coined from then on...

wall art

Pop Art

The movement of Pop Art was a hugely successful contemporary art movement. The hight of it's popularity was during the 1960s was during the 1960s. The champions of Pop Art were Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann. It is widely thought that Pop Art was a reaction to abstract expressionism or it was an evolutionary move from< abstract expressionism. The concept of Pop Art was parallel...

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism

The art movement of Abstract Expressionism was in full flow by 1946. The pioneers of Abstract Expressionism were Jackson Pollock and his partner Lee Krasner, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Clyfford Still, Franz Kline, Arshile Gorky, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman and Philip Guston. These artists formed the New York School. The contemporary art...



In the early 1900s artists wanted the freedom to express emotion through their art. They wanted to paint their emotional response to objects and not just what they saw. The idea behind the contemporary art movement of Expressionism was that it would be the vehicle for artists to freely paint what they felt as opposed to what is actually there...



The modern art movement of Futurism was Italian and founded in 1909 and started to diminish in 1918 just as World War 1 was starting. The aim of Futurism was to object to traditional conventionalism and to wage war against the art of the 19th Century. The 20th Centaury was a new time when people were starting to prosper, health and hygiene was getting...



The contemporary art movement of Impressionism was in motion in 1867. The idea behind the contemporary art movement of Impressionism was that the artist would convey, through their art work, an effect of communicating to the viewer in a manner that would make the viewer see an object in the way that someone would see that object if they were to glance at it...

Breaking Art News

Strychnin Gallery Berlin - Labyrinth - And We Shall All Die Trying

Strychnin Gallery Berlin's new show features new works by Canadian artist Richard Kirk and Belgian artist Raf Veulemans.

Are you amazed sometimes at the unbelievable things your subconscious shows you in your sleep? Have you ever wondered where these incredible images and stories that you see in your dreams come from, wandering through the irreal labyrinth of your imagination to far-away places of buried anxieties and hidden desires?

Canadian artist and illustrator Richard Kirk has always been fascinated by these vivid fragments of our subconscious existence. His book illustrations for the likes of Clive Barker and others seem to be washed ashore straight from his dreams. They have made him famous throughout Canada and the United States with their incredibly filigree details and fantastic settings, offering insight into worlds governed by their very own set of rules. The viewer is guided into these worlds by an invisible presence that is experienced intuitively.

Kirk's illustration of American rock band's KORN 2007 album has been widely noted and further increased his fame. Strychnin is proud to once more feature his illustrations in Germany, offering a wide international audience the chance to get to know Kirk's incredible work and style.

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Pablo Picasso short biography

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was an artist, sculptor, printmaker, stage designer and ceramicist. He is widely regarded as the greatest painter of the 20th Century, and it was his revolutionary idea for a new departure in painting - Cubism - that triggered the very early awakenings of the modernist movement...

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